CTNY featured in 99% Invisible Podcast

“Where do I see things going from here? I do look at the provision of Internet as a potential opportunity to execute reparations. Yes, I do. Big telecom has the largest profit margins in the country. So why not give back? CEOs say that they are giving to communities in need? Well, give what we need. Give Internet. Just give us the access and we’ll go from there.”

Monique Tate, Co-Director, CTNY

Who’s getting high-speed internet access and why? 99% Invisible spoke to our very own Monique Tate and former Co-director Greta Byrum for the latest episode, “The Future of the Final Mile”, which examines digital redlining and ways we can work to create a more equal internet for all. 

In New York City alone, 29% of households do not have access to broadband internet. A long legacy of structural racism in infrastructure plans has left these communities behind in the move online. At Community Tech NY, we believe in empowering neighborhoods to create their own, community-owned internet infrastructure.

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